Magic Triangles 2017

Magic Triangles can be purchased in the Windows Store.
For Windows 10 Phone. 16,49 €

Magic Triangles Mobile

Magic Triangles 2017 for Windows Desktop PC available!

Price: 5-15 Euro

Download and play the full version of Magic Triangles and if you like it use the donation button on the support page to buy the game.

Use only the original download link from this website for an installation!
Magic Triangles has been stolen by hackers and abused for bad purpose. (screenshot)

The game must not be sold or hosted for download elsewhere.

Revenue from videos and streams belongs to the content creators, if that is possible and not automated by the platforms.

Download-Link (right-click on the ship and save target as...)

Why is this a Desktop version and not Universal?

1. Visual Studio 2017 and Monogame produced unacceptable bugs and lag in the PC version. The desktop version was made with VS2010 and XNA.

2. The desktop version can be installed on windows 7, 8 and 10, while the universal version runs only on windows 10. Currently there are almost 2x more windows 7 users than windows 10 users.

3. The windows store is garbage with tons of "Free" games only designed to place huge amouts of annoying adds or push the user to make in-app purchases. These are the most featured games.

Also Magic Triangles Mobile has been shadowlisted in the store after about 4 weeks, so that it can only be found by searching directly for it. It's not listed in any game category any more. On top of that the statistics for sales, installations, user sessions and countries are contradictory and wrong.

Of course the shadowlisting could be "fixed" by buying "advertising credits"...


Why is the desktop version not in the windows store or on steam and why does it not have a software certificate?

1. The windows store accepts only universal apps or desktop apps with a software certificate.

2. Publishing on steam requires amongst other time and money consuming things a dedicated bank account with the publisher name. I'm not willing to open a 3rd bank account, pay 100$ and then wait 4 weeks for the release.

3. A software certificate is very expensive and probably laborious.

4. The mobile version has already passed all certification tests for the windows store. (view results)